Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click marketing, means you only pay for the visits that click through to your website. PPC marketing can form an important part of your online marketing, due to its flexibility and ability to drive targeted traffic to your site. PPC provides a quick and effective way to rapidly change your advertising message, and allows you to target your prefered markets and demographics almost instantly. This significantly adds speed and productivity to your advertising campaign, by delivering traffic to your site, that are searching for the products your displaying. Using PPC allows you to respond to changes in the market, build potential prospects, and generates a return on investment (ROI).

PPC Management Philosophy

Our PPC management philosophy centres on promoting your business cost effectively through a number of channels, across multiple search engines, creating new leads, making your business more web visible and attracting new readers\viewers. This The purpose of PPC management is delivering the return on investment and profit from your advertising campaign. At 2coves this starts with defining a target audience, account structure, followed by carefully selecting the keywords that will generate targeted traffic to your site, which will ultimately result in sales or leads.

What Do 2Coves PPC Experts Do

  The management of an account occurs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, to ensure your campaign is able to respond to changes in market trends, seasonality, and variations in competitor marketing activity.

PPC Activities

 •We create engaging PPC which help your adverts stand out from the competition and result in sales or leads.
•Testing on Keywords, Adverts and Landing Pages is key to producing tangible ongoing improvement from a campaign.

•We always look for the best possible solutions for your business.

•Monthly reports that allow you to easily understand the performance of your campaigns and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Website Prices


- 1 Web Page £70
- 2-4 Web Page £120
- 5-8 Web Page £200
- 9-12 Web Page £300


- 1 Web Page £150
- 2-4 Web Page £200
- 5-8 Web Page £300
- 9-12 Web Page £500
- eCommerce £500


- 1 Web Page £190
- 2-4 Web Page £240
- 5-8 Web Page £340
- 9-12 Web Page £540
- eCommerce £1000
Free Content Management
All our clients who choose the Gold package or above enjoy the ability to update the content of their website when ever they like for free forever...