Mobile Commerce

When designing an eCommerce website, the team here at 2coves always consider the business first, what they sell, how they sell it, and (most importantly), who buys from it. Knowing this enables us to consider the key demographic in the designs, ensuring that elements that appeal to them and are most used by them, are incorporated from the off.

One of the increasing factors in this process is about taking into account the device and/or browser used to access the site, especially mobile devices. A mobile device has numerous different features that make a ‘standard’ website display differently (and are different again from device to device, and browser to browser), often distorting the presentation of the sites main message.

There are 3 main solutions to enabling your site to display well on a mobile, and they are:
1. By using Responsive Design, only one website needs to be created, and the styling of that site resizes automatically when it detects the dimensions of the visitors browser. This means no need to create an m.domain version of the site, which will automatically incur additional resources, costs, such as additional marketing and a different dataset to power it, amongst other aspects. With only one site to manage and one URL is used, therefore no cross domain canonical tags need to be added on a mobile version of the site. The marketing activity for the site is kept to one cohesive strategy, rather than one strategy for the main site and one for the m.domain site. In addition, with content kept in a single place, there’s no risk of duplicate content across you’re domains. The size will adapt to fit the browser & different dimensions so you can make those “click here” options easily available for those on the move or even for those with larger fingers. All in all, what’s not to love?

2. Sub-domains / Web App (m.domain) Creating a stand-alone site on a sub-domain of the main website (for example, gives some benefits, namely page speed, because you are not having to load the bulk of the weight of the main site, as well as providing a simple method of presenting a sites content in friendly manner for mobile sites.

3. App Development If your business has, or will have, a lot of frequently returning visitors. Apps can be a useful addition to a business’s online presence to enable easier browsing for repeat customers, alongside a steady brand build. Considerations prior to commissioning an App are mostly cost based, development, launch and on going marketing in the appropriate App Stores. In addition to the main sites costs, and resources required to maintain 2 databases, 1 for the main site, and 1 for the mobile site.

Overall, there’s a lot to consider when building a mobile site, we’re here to work with you to identify the best ones for your business. We offer mobile eCommerce Apps, which is the very latest in eCommerce and can offer your products on a range of mobile devices.

Mobile Device experience depend on the environment in which the user is accessing the site:

• Connectivity – Is the device in a good network area? Can the site load speed be improved to facilitate faster connection?

• Local – If a phone is plugged in to its Location Services, then the search results will be adapted to include any applicable local options. If your business can operate a local service, then ensuring your digital presence accounts for this is a must.

• Keywords – correct targeting is important, more so when you realise that a mobile device will often auto populate searches for the user, so making sure you know what those auto populations are, and account for them, is important.

• Time – most mobile users are en-route to somewhere, so the time they have is limited. Ensuring the material you serve to their query is important but informative is key to getting them to use you again. 

• Authentication – users will often want to check up on who they are buying from, so making sure that you have easy to find reviews and endorsements can be worth its weight in conversion.

• Entertainment – mobile users are often on their phones, to use time between other things, so entertaining them will help get them to come back to you again.

• Mobile users are looking for reviews and social endorsements.

• Mobile users are looking for entertainment.

2coves Technology Ltd. take all of these factors into consideration when putting together your mobile strategy, and are able to provide eCommerce software, that amalgamates perfectly with our comprehensive back office solution. For more information email us today or call us on 01726 69692

Website Prices


- 1 Web Page £70
- 2-4 Web Page £120
- 5-8 Web Page £200
- 9-12 Web Page £300


- 1 Web Page £150
- 2-4 Web Page £200
- 5-8 Web Page £300
- 9-12 Web Page £500
- eCommerce £500


- 1 Web Page £190
- 2-4 Web Page £240
- 5-8 Web Page £340
- 9-12 Web Page £540
- eCommerce £1000
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