Buying and selling online has never been as popular as it is today. The Internet is the worlds' biggest marketplace and we are able to offer your business ecommerce solutions with a professional online presence, giving you the opportunity to reach a potentially unlimited customer base.

We use the latest scripting technologies to ensure our ecommerce websites are scalable across all devices and browsers - from devices such as iPads and Android tablets to browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox Safari and Google Chrome. This also allows us to offer attractive ways of displaying your products.

Choosing the right ecommerce software platform on which to build your website is one of the most fundamental decisions you will ever make. Our cutting edge web platform provides all the functionality and features that you would expect from a leading solutions provider. The 2coves Technology ecommerce software enables you to get ahead of your competition whilst our online marketing services ensure you stay there.

Ecommerce website design that works

Great ecommerce website design provides rich content with concise, effective, and beautifully created pages, that sets you apart from the competition, promotes your brand and drives sales. As specialist developers of Ecommerce software, 2coves Technology Ltd knows how to design websites that work. With a proven track record of improving conversion rates and raising average order values, our websites combine best practices with user friendly designs and an industry leading feature list including:
•Facetted Navigation
•One Page Checkout
•Intelligent Product Search

Ecommerce Software with a Built-In Back Office Solution

2coves Technology has been developing software for the Mail Order industry since 2010. Uniquely our software seamlessly manages all the functionality that you could possibly require, combining an industry leading Ecommerce platform with critical Back Office features such as sales order management, stock control, supply chain management and financials. All of which can revolutionise the way you sell online. Our 2coves Technology platform is the only ecommerce software solution that allows you to take control of all your online and offline processes within a single application. Our solution saves you time and money allowing you to focus on taking real advantage of the internet.

Safe and Secure Payment Processing

2coves can securely integrate any payment gateway system and Merchant Service Provider (MSP) into ecommerce software, providing you with the safest and most easy to use checkout\payment system. Some of the payment gateway services available are WorldPay, MasterCard\DataCash, Verisign, PayPal etc. Card authorisation is supported on all major credit and debit cards, including American Express and Diners Club, whilst your transaction processing relationship remains direct with your Merchant Service Provider (MSP).

Website Services Summary

Website options

- Websites (business or personal)
- Customized Websites
- Ecommerce
- 1 Web Page
- 2-4 Web Page
- 5-8 Web Page
- 9-12 Web Page
- To your specifications

Useful Services

- Ecommerce
- Marketing
- Email Marketing
- Software Design

Graphics Design

- Design
- Logo Design
- Visual Arts
- Branding
- Packaging
- Photography
- Illustration

Content Management
All our clients who choose our websites have the choice of having ability to update the content of their website when ever they like...