About 2Coves Web Design

We develop Intuitive, creative, innovative stylish websites using the latest programing & scripting technology. We provide websites and software that not only look stylish, user friendly but performs well and exceeds clients needs. We have developed many websites for clients from all sectors, industries and locations. We have experience in developing E-commerce websites & software that have full content management, stock management, order management, mobile friendly and totally secure.  

Meet The Team


BSc (Hons) Computing
MSc Information System Security


James is a senior Computer Scientist & Web Developer at 2coves and has been working here for 2 years. Work undertaken includes software development, website design, research and development. He has had 5 years experience working in the IT, Cyber, Security, and web design sector. His interests are technology, programming, software, IT security, computers & electronics. Hobbies include hiking, cycling, sailing, surfing, and swimming.


BSc (Hons) Engineering Geology & Geotechnics
MSc Coastal Engineering


Tom is a senior web developer and engineer. He has worked at 2coves for 2 and a half years. He has worked on e-Commerce software design, website development, engineering software. He worked for Halcrow Group Ltd for 4 years working on Civil Engineer Projects. His interests are Website design & development, software development, computer programming, technology, computers electronics and Engineering. Hobbies include walks, gardening, sailing & swimming.    

Why People Choose Us

Our clients choose us because they want top quality solutions delivered through cost effective means and solutions that are a match for requirements, maximising productivity and making substantial savings. From standard out-of-the-box hardware, software and surveys to carefully designed new IT solutions or coastal engineering projects we aim to give our clients the very best in innovation, quality, pricing and service. We always aim to beat competitors pricing and reduce our clients overheads while producing a superior solution. So call us and see how we can assist you and save money.

Our Values

Client satisfaction is one of our mainstays. We believe in providing a solution that meets or even exceeds the specifications of the client. We listen carefully to our clients requirements and work closely with them to produce highly effective solutions that meet or even exceed specifications. We also believe in providing good value for money solutions that are cost effective and remain within budget. Technology is our passion and providing effective, cutting edge technology within budget is our mission.

What We Offer

We are a provider of high quality, cost effective IT and engineering solutions from qualified and experienced professionals. From straightforward to more complex solutions, carefully designed and implemented to the highest level of satisfaction for our clients. Our areas of expertise include: Web development, software development, security consultancy, tuition and training, network consultancy, system troubleshooting and IT consultancy.

Website Prices


- 1 Web Page £70
- 2-4 Web Page £120
- 5-8 Web Page £200
- 9-12 Web Page £300


- 1 Web Page £150
- 2-4 Web Page £200
- 5-8 Web Page £300
- 9-12 Web Page £500
- eCommerce £500


- 1 Web Page £190
- 2-4 Web Page £240
- 5-8 Web Page £340
- 9-12 Web Page £540
- eCommerce £1000
Free Content Management
All our clients who choose the Gold package or above enjoy the ability to update the content of their website when ever they like for free forever...